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2 May 2:00pm

I'm looking forward to presenting this concert for the Caledonian's. All this time in Seattle and I've never worked with them before. Contact them for more information about attending.

Everywhere, Earth
30 Jul to 1 Aug

Do you play, sing, or just enjoy Irish, Scottish, or Cape Breton traditional music and camping? Pitch your tent at Deception Pass State Park Lower Loop campground for a casual weekend of tunes, songs, food, drink, and fun in the woods by the beach.

Camping is one of the safest things you can do in a global pandemic because the great outdoors has great air circulation! Of course, we will be following distancing protocols and wearing masks when away from our own campsites.

Make your reservation on November 2, 2020 to ensure that we fill the Lower Loop campground with folks friendly to the music traditions we love.

presented by:
Deception Pass State Park
Oak Harbor, WA
scary looking man with booze

Baile Ard

Seumas' first solo CD containing a mix of traditional and original songs in Scottish Gaelic as well as traditional dance tunes. Additional musicians featured on this recording include Christine Traxler on fiddle, Colin Isler on cello, Tom Fallat on percussion.

Cover of Prophecy and Blessing

Prophecy and Blessing

Seumas was a founding member of Wicked Celts, who were active in the mid 1990s in Seattle. Christine Traxler has continued to collaborate with Seumas on many projects including his first solo CD, Baile Ard.