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Harp and Scottish Gaelic Song | Performance and Instruction
I play Scottish, Irish, and Cape Breton music on the harp, sing Scottish Gaelic songs, and teach both the Scottish Gaelic language and song repertoire. Based in Seattle and Vancouver BC, I am an enthusiastic traveller and love to bring what I have learned to new people and places.

In addition to performing and teaching, I am available to be the Fear an Taighe (master of ceremonies) at céilidhs. If you don't know what a céilidh is, there's a page all about them linked below.

Photo: Della Chen Photography
Upcoming Events
Vancouver Gaelic Choir Spring Concert
June 4th, 2016
2:00 pm
Seumas appears with the Vancouver and District Gaelic Choir and other guests for their Spring concert. Tickets: $15 General, $10 Seniors & students. Contact Roberta 604-433-3326 or email to book tickets. more info
International Harp School
August 15th, 2016
I'm thrilled to have been invited back to this prestigious event. I will be teaching intermediate harp students and offering workshops to all and am looking forward to spending the week with the students and my fellow presenters, Sharlene Wallace, Caroline Mackay, and Phamie Gow. They've also added a cello workshop with Morag Northey. I'm also pretty excited to be able to dine at the Bear's Paw in Lower Wells again! more info
Featured Products
Baile rd
My debut solo CD featuring traditional and original songs in Scottish Gaelic, dance tunes and more.
Featured Links
Goraidh - A Gaelic Language Tutor
The web site of one of my co-presenters in Slighe nan Gaidheal's Zero to Gaelic program.
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For Media
I've tried to gather assets together that festival planners, concert promoters, and journalists might need.
Heath Andrews Reviews Baile Ard
Celtic harp and Gaelic lyrics dont make for the most commonly heard recordings today, but with Seumas Gagne behind them, they make for one of the most compelling.
Lyric Sheets
Here are the lyrics and translations to some of my favorite songs.
My Story So Far
It's been an interesting journey! Find out how I went from the rural Scandinavian enclave of Poulsbo to wherever it is I am now.
Sing-a-long Videos
View these videos to learn to sing a long on the choruses of songs on my CD, Baile rd.
What is a Cilidh?
What exactly is a cilidh? How do they work? What should I know before deciding to attend one? All questions answered!
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