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Baile Ard
Seumas' first solo CD containing a mix of traditional and original songs in Scottish
  • Cover of Prophecy and Blessing
Prophecy and Blessing
Seumas was a founding member of Wicked Celts, who were active in the mid 1990s in Seattle

Adjudicating Nationals

Celtic Reflections

My Story So Far

1944: The Heritage

Wartime makes for strange love stories and my Mom and Dad were no exception.

1966: Growing Up in Little Norway

Although I didn't fine it particularly exciting at the time, growing up in Poulsbo did provide me with a deep understanding of the value of traditional culture in the new world.

1984: Cornish College of the Arts

In 1984 there was no such thing as getting a college degree in traditional music, so I was faced with a difficult choice.

1991: Wicked Celts

After a lengthy break from music spent trying to fit in to the non-profit corporate culture of the student lending world, I was pulled back into the traditional music scene when my dear friend Síle Harris lent me her Jack Yule clársach for a couple of years.

1994: Slighe nan Gaidheal

I had no idea when I walked into my first Gaelic class at Rich Hill's apartment that I was about to discover my greatest passion since finding the harp.