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Baile Ard

Seumas' first solo CD containing a mix of traditional and original songs in Scottish Gaelic as well as traditional dance tunes. Additional musicians featured on this recording include Christine Traxler on fiddle, Colin Isler on cello, Tom Fallat on percussion.

Track List: 
O Is Toil Agus Gu Ro Thoil Leam
The Clumsy Lover
Uibhist Mo Ghràidh
Gràdh Geal Mo Chrìdhe
The Fair Maid of Barra / The Lime Hill Strathspey
Cha Tig Mór, Mo Bhean Dhachaidh
Tìr nan Òg
Miss Monaghan's Reel / The Morning Dew
Is Truagh Leam Ar Scàradh
Òran do Bhaile Àrd
Jenny Dang the Weaver / The Ale is Dear
Bleann Bhaile Chaoil